Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Reasons Obamacare Is Bad For the Nation

Former white collar undercover FBI agent, Representative Michael Grimm explains why Obamacare will hurt our nation and why it should be repealed.


GotUtz? said...

I'm waiting for the far I've hear 1 min. of "because Congress is bad," and the rest of "FBI FBI FBI."

Adam Nally, DO said...

There are multiple reasons and they are given in the first 65 seconds of the interview. Here are five of them:
1. CVO score is incorrect and does not include the $115 Billion cost to enact the bill.
2. This is only 6 years of health care that we will be paying for for 10 years. (Not a financially sound investment.)
3. Medicare and Social Security are double counted in the CVO figures.
4. Jobs will be lose (CVO office just released figures last friday that 880,000 jobs will be lost due because of this bill.)
5. This is a small business mandate
Unfortunately he does not give the supporting background behind his statements, but these statements have all been backed up with figures by many others over the last 6 monhths.
Hope that answers your question, GotUtz.