Friday, August 31, 2012

Policy & Politics

I read a thought provoking post from Dr. Vartabedian over at 33 Charts.  Should your doctor be involved in politics?  It is a very good question.
Stepping into the quagmire of political discourse often leaves an oratory odor.  I, too, am guilty of this.  However, in a time when transparency is important, being genuine and true to our values is essential.
Through social media and daily office interactions, I come in contact with many physician's and patent's viewpoints and compare them with my own. One thing that I find interesting is that many don't differentiate or understand the difference between policy and politics.  There is a difference.
It is very important, from the perspective of voice, to make a distinction between policy and politics when we interact.  Policy is a course of action based upon principles or values.  Politics are inter-relationships or activities that we engage into move policy in a desired direction. Don't confuse the two.
When listening to the talking heads and political pundits, it is essential that we see the difference.  Just spewing rhetoric without understanding our position on a policy seems to be what fuels the cesspool like arena of politics. It is often what turns us away from important and productive political conversation about policy.