Who's Dr. Nally?

Hi, I'm Dr. Nally. 
I'm a board certified family practitioner and a medical bariatrician ("a fat doctor") with a private practice in Arizona.  Yes, I work in Arizona and I love it.  It's only a dry heat. . .

A few facts about me:

  1. I'm very happily married.
  2. I am the proud father of two children. 
  3. I hate golf. (I threw my clubs over the Tapatio Cliffs about 10 years ago and have never gone back to get them.)
  4. When I was four I fell off the second story balcony of our family’s apartment. When questioned by my mother as to what I was doing, I told her "the wind blew me off."  Since then I have gained a love of flying and, someday, I will finish my flying lessons.
  5. The intricacies of human body prove visible witness to me that there is a God. After practicing medicine for a number of years, I am convinced that He has a sense of humor.
  6. I can handle any bodily fluid you throw at me . . . blood, urine, dirty diapers, entrails, tendons, severed wounds . . . except for vomit. I begin to wretch. I have to leave the room. (That's why we have nurses. :) )
  7. I love movies.
  8. I never missed an episode of Buck Rogers in the 21st century. 
  9. I love all types of music. 
  10. I wanted to learn to play the drums. However, my father made a deal with me. If I could master the violin, he would buy me a drum set. Have you seen my drum set?
  11. I used to love to wear my bell bottoms and parachute pants (I used to alternate them every other day). My wife won't let me wear them now.
  12. On the night I proposed marriage to my wife, we returned to her parent’s home to tell them the news. However, we were driving separate cars. She arrived at her parent's home before I arrived. Her father, a police officer at the time, met me at the door, invited me in and finished cleaning and loading his gun before he asked me what I was so excited about.
  13. I love Disneyland more than my children love Disneyland. 
  14. I was known in medical school as the "deer slayer." I hit a deer with my car every year I lived in Missouri. 
  15. Double double "protein style" is my burger. 
  16. I only missed one episode of Battle Star Galactica; however, I saw the re-run twice.  
  17. I served a two year religious mission for my church in Japan.
  18. I cannot stomach cheese sandwiches - I am reminded of vomit (see #6). 
  19. I dislike cake. . .never liked it. My last birthday had candles in a coconut cream pie. I love cinnamon rolls and apple fritters (but they don't like me).
  20. I am a sushi connoisseur. If you invite me for sushi, I will have a very hard time saying "no".
  21. I used to teach break dancing. 
  22. I crave salt and fat. Give me a thick medium rib-eye, a bag of pork rinds, and a large Diet Dr. Pepper and I will be happy.
  23. I love triathlons. I have found that pain is just weakness leaving your body (as well as the remnants of #22). It is my goal to complete an Iron Man before I die.
  24. According to my mother, I was actually born on January 23th at 12:23 am, however, when the nurse informed the doctor of the time she was going to place on my birth certificate, he told her she was wrong and that I was born on the 22nd. She disagreed with him, stating that she charted the time down when I was delivered. He turned to her and said, "Look, I am the doctor, you are the nurse. I got out of bed and delivered this baby on the 22nd and until you complete medical school, that is what his birth certificate will say." Then he turned to my mother and said, "Mrs. Nally, congratulations on your new son. He was born on the 22nd," and he left the room. I use this story each year, but my wife won't let me celebrate two birthdays.