Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moving the Blog

I have moved my blog and Arizona Bariatric Institute webpage to Wordpress gives me a little more ability to do what I need. I will be transitioning posts and information.  Please see the new blog and website here.

Hope you keep following and like the new look.

Love to hear your comments.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FDA Approves Avantame (New Artificial Sweetener)

The FDA approved an intense new artificial sweetener, Advantame. Because of its chemical similarity, Aspartame now has a super sweet cousin. This sweetener, 20,000-37,000 times more sweet than table sugar (sucrose), is found in powder form and dissolves in water. However, it does partially break down when exposed to heat or used in heated drinks, so it may not be that great for cooking.
Similar to Aspartame, one of the breakdown metabolites is phenylalanine, implying that those with sensitivity to phenylalanine or PKU may need to avoid it, however, the amount of phenylalanine produced when ingested was felt to be fairly negligible.
My interest was peaked by the fact that Advantame does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels in the multiple animal and three humans studies reviewed here and here. This implies that it probably won't cause weight gain and the studies in animals actually revealed some negligible weight loss.
The FDA claims this is a very safe artificial sweetener due to it's intense sweetness and requirement for only small quantities to be effective. In fact, Josh Bloom from the American Council on Science and Health was quoted saying that, "About the only way this stuff could harm you is if you were run over by a truck that was delivering it."
From the perspective of weight loss, this may be another sweetener that could be used effectively on a carbohydrate restricted diet. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Keeping the Fat High on the Low-Carb Cruise

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak last week on the Low Carb Cruise sponsored by Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low Carb on the Freedom of the Seas (Royal Carribean).
What an experience!  I was able to take my family with me for some long-anticipated family time as well.
I spoke with some of the most well respected physicians, authors and dietitians specializing in low-carbohydrate, Paleo, and ketogenic dieting in the world.
Among the wonderful presentations, the underlying theme seemed to be that most people are not taking in enough saturated fat. The research is pointing to the fact that increasing your total fat intake to 60-80% of your daily caloric intake seems to be most effective for weight loss and overall cardiovascular health (while limiting your carbohydrate intake - OF COURSE!)
A few of the Ketogenic Nutritional Experts:
Christine Cronau, Maria Emmerich, Franziska Spitzler
Franziska Spitzler, Dr. Eric Westman, Emily Maguire
We heard from the likes of Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton, Dr. Jeffry Gerber,  Jackie Eberstein, Jimmy Moore, Christine Cronau, Wendy Myers, Dr. George Diggs/Dr. Kerry Brock, Dr. Phillip Blair, Dr. Michael Fox, Franziska Spritzler, Tommy Runesson, Maria Emmerich, Dana Carpender, Rocky Angelucci, Emily Maguire, Diane Sanfilippo, and fitness expert Fred Hahn. Overall, it was a fantastic course and a wonderful trip.
Hats off to Jimmy Moore and his very talented group of planners that put this program together. Thank you!!